why cats lie on everything

Why Cats Lie on Everything

If you own a cat, this must have happened to you: You are sitting at the kitchen table, sipping your coffee and reading the newspaper. Very soon the printed page has turned into a furry, purring kitty – and you are not able to read anymore.

Or you are sitting at your desk working on your computer. And before long you can’t find the mouse – or the keyboard – or whatever it is you are using. Instead your sleepy feline is curled up and all tucked in right on the subject of your interest – and you’re not able to continue your project.

Or, you are getting ready for work and you pull out your black suit to wear that day and lay it on the bed. You go back into the closet for a matching shirt, and when you come out your crafty cat is kneading the clothing into shape for a nice nap – and you are not able to wear that piece anymore.

Put a piece of paper in the middle of a football stadium and soon a cat will come and lie on it. Cats like to lie on things – pieces of paper, folded towels, clothing, whatever.

There are several possible reasons for this. For one thing, cats like to be near us. They know that if they plop themselves right under our noses, so to speak, they will get attention, and usually good attention. Cats have a need for warmth and security, and this fills their need. They also want to leave their scent on anything that belongs to us because it makes them feel more secure.

Cats also like small spaces, and that might explain why they will pick a small defined area like a folded towel or skirt on a larger area like the bed. It might be just instinct – or it might be that need for warmth that draws them to an added certain texture of the material.

Whatever the reason, it’s just another fascinating aspect of your cat’s behavior for you to observe. So when your kitty is suddenly lying on your newspaper right under your nose, take advantage of this compliment and pay her some attention. The quirkiness of cats is just one of the reasons we love them and find them so fascinating.