A kitten kneading a white blanket.

Why Do Cats Knead?

Even seasoned cat owners would agree that felines are enigmatic critters. Their habits are often strange and few regular behaviors raise more questions and concerns than “kneading.” Maybe you’ve spotted your own kitten rhythmically digging their paws into a soft object like a blanket or perhaps you’ve patiently sat on the couch while they “made biscuits” in your lap.

Why Cats Knead

No, your cat isn’t practicing their culinary skills. Feline experts have, however, offered several theories to explain this unusual, instinctual behavior.

Discouraging Inappropriate Kneading

Your cat’s kneading can turn on a dime from adorable to annoying if they insist on doing it with their claws out. Follow these guidelines to avoid painful scratches and damage to household furnishings.

Kneading is a normal feline behavior that doesn’t typically present cause for concern. It’s one of the many quirks that make cats a favorite pet across the globe. Make sure to contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice any new repetitive habits or sudden behavioral changes.