Why Is My Cat Staring At The Wall?

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If your cat is pressing the top of its head against the wall without moving for significant periods of time, the behavior could be a sign of a serious medical condition, called head pressing. This odd activity is not the same as head butting. A normal cat may repeatedly butt its head against a wall, corner, piece of furniture or person. Head pressing on the other hand involves simply holding the top of the head firmly against a hard surface for a long time. If you’re concerned with your cat’s head pressing, you should make an appointment to speak with your veterinarian.

What Should You Do When Your Cat Stares at The Wall

Some cat owners are worried that they aren’t giving their pets enough attention, leading them to go crazy and fixate on things that don’t really exist. If you have the same worry, you are probably much too attuned to your pet to withhold stimulation. Cats that aren’t properly stimulated may become depressed or aggressive. Bored cats may overeat, obsessively groom themselves, attack your furniture, or mope around the house. However, staring at walls is not a symptom of poor stimulation.

If you really want to bond with your cat, you can join in on the behavior; we won’t judge. Put your ear against the wall to show your cat that you’re listening too. You can move a flashlight beam against the wall to give your cat something else on which to focus. Proper cat care involves addressing your pet’s need for instinctual play. You won’t harm your cat by letting this normal cat behavior continue. Sometimes, cat habits just don’t have an explanation.





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