10 Cool Toys for Your Cat

Cats love to play but a piece of paper can get kinda boring after awhile. Jazz up your kitty's toy box with one of these little numbers and she'll love you forever.

Race N'Chase

Your cat will love trying to get to the hidden critter inside. Manufactured by Pet Zone.

Kitty TV

Give your spoiled pet something new – a television with a hammock bed and suspended fish to bat. Manufactured by Pet Mate.

Kitten Mitten

Slip on this mitten, wiggle your fingers and watch your cat go crazy!

Whirly-Bird Cat Exercise Toy

This interactive toy sounds just like a flying bird when it is pulled through the air. Your cat will go nuts!

Lazy Pet Feline Fishing

Want to save the fishbowl from your mischievous cat? Give your feline friend something better to play with. This teaser uses a fishing pole or can snap on a doorknob.

Pounce & Glow

Keep Kitty mesmerized during his nighttime prowls with the Pounce & Glow from Sun Pet. Roll the ball, and watch it flash. It is battery-operated and built to last for more than 100 hours.

The Wild Thing

For your feather-loving feline. This toy will have your cat playing for hours.

Paws 'n More Kitty Koosh

The soft koosh ball has been made into a kitty toy. Stick it on a mirror and watch your cat go. Made by Hasbro.

Cy-Purr Mouse

Your cat will be dizzy from playing with the Cy-Purr Mouse Sound Activated Toy. Say "action" and watch the mouse light up and start moving. With sound effects, your cat will play for hours.

Kookamunga Bonker Bungies

Is your cat tired of the same old toys? Liven up her day with a bouncing catnip toy that hangs from a doorknob.