17 Warning Signs of Cat Cancer

Cats commonly get cancer. Cancer is a disease that is characterized by a group of cells that grow to invade and destroy adjacent tissues. It may also spread to distant areas through a process called metastasis.

Cancer can occur in the skin, under the skin and affect just about any location or organ in the body. There are also several types of cancer that is possible at each location.

The signs of cancer vary with the location and type of cancer. The aggressiveness of the cancer will depend on the type of cancer, the location and the individual pet.

Some common warning signs of cancer may include:

1. Lump or growth that grows quickly
2. A firm mass
3. A mass that seems attached to the underlying tissue
4. A pigmented mass
5. A mass that changes its character
6. A sore or wound that does not heal
7. Difficulty eating or swallowing
8. Weight loss

9. Loss of appetite
10. Repeated vomiting – especially in an older pets
11. Difficult or labored breathing
12. Coughing
13. Difficulty urinating
14. Bloody urine
15. Persistent lameness
16. Lethargy or a decreased energy level
17. Straining or difficulty defecating

These are a few of the most common warning signs.

Because cancer can affect almost any organ or body system, the signs of cancer can include just about anything. For example, if the cancer involves a bone, some animals will be lame. If the cancer involves the skin, you may feel a mass. If the cancer involves the intestine, some pets will exhibit signs related to the intestinal tract such as not wanting to eat, loosing weight, vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain.

If your cat has any of these problems, please visit your veterinarian for a complete examination and to discuss your concerns.

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