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5 Unique Litter Boxes for Your Cat

One of the greatest things about owning a cat — or rather, a cat owning you — is how independent felines can be.

Of course you have to provide love, affection, and mental stimulation — not to mention food, water, and shelter – but other than that, cats can take care of themselves.

They groom themselves. They eat when they want. They sleep when (and where) they want. They even have natural instincts to bury their wastes and will know exactly what to do when you have the right litter and litter box in your home.

They don’t clean those litter boxes though, leaving an annoying and stinky daily chore for their owners.

But the litter box has come a long way, and there are now products that make the undesirable task of cleaning it much more tolerable.

Here are five unique litter boxes that will pamper your cat — and make life easier on you.

PetNovations CatGenie

The actual litter is probably the most annoying aspect of the litter box. You have to change it daily, which means you have to purchase it over and over again, and there are many types of cat litter on the market. Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to touch, change, or buy cat litter again? The CatGenie from PetNovations is the world’s only self-flushing, self-washing litter box — and it requires no litter. You just hook the CatGenie up to a cold water outlet and an electrical outlet, and line the bottom of the box with litter-like “Washable Granules.” When your cat goes, the liquid drains away from the Granules, so only the waste gets flushed. The “GenieHand” then scoops out the solid waste, which is turned to liquid for safe, easy removal. Fresh water fills the basin, and the GenieHand scrubs and scours the box and Granules. The cat-safe “SaniSolution” decontaminates everything, while the waste and sudsy water are flushed or drained away. A hot-air blower completely dries the Granules and box. The Granules are permanent and never need to be changed.

PetSafe ScoopFree

Maybe changing the litter doesn’t bother you. But surely the odors do. The litter box is your cat’ toilet, after all, so naturally it’s going to smell! Even the best litters can’t prevent it. Litter can only absorb so much odor — once the litter is saturated, nothing helps. The ScoopFree from PetSafe is the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays to provide hands-off convenience and unbeatable odor control. You don’t have to see, touch, or smell messy waste. Simply load ScoopFree with the disposable litter tray pre-filled with Premium Blue Crystals. When your cat uses the litter box, the crystals immediately absorb moisture and odor and begin to dehydrate solids. Twenty minutes later, ScoopFree’s rake automatically sweeps the waste into a covered compartment, leaving the litter smelling clean and fresh. Simply replace the disposable tray every few weeks, and the litter box is just like new.

AutoPets Litter-Robot

Cleaning the litter box is another unsavory chore. There’s the daily scooping to remove waste and the actual cleaning and scrubbing of the box. A lot of owners only do the first part, but the second is really important too. The Litter-Robot from AutoPets is an automatic self-cleaning litter box. The Litter-Robot knows when your cat is inside the unit and when it’s time to clean up. Once your cat exits, a timer counts down allowing litter to clump before a cleaning cycle begins. As the globe slowly rotates, the patented sifting system separates the clean litter from the clumps, and drops the waste into a carbon-filtered drawer in the base. The globe returns to the home position, leaving a clean, level bed of litter for the next use. Empty the waste drawer and add litter as needed. You never have to scoop litter again!


Sick of cleaning up litter that has spilled out of the box? Some cats like lots of litter while others love to dig until they find the perfect spot. Either way, litter gets thrown all over. The LitterMaid line of boxes contains motion-sensors that determine when you cat enters and leaves the box, as well as extra-high side walls to keep litter within the box and off the floor. The strong, durable rake can be removed for simple cleaning, and waste receptacles are easily replaced and kept sealed to contain odor, while carbon filters absorb the odor to further reduce smell.

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Litter Planter Box

Some owners just don’t like the look of a litter box, so they do all they can to hide the box away in some corner of the house. But, if your cat doesn’t like the litter box’s placement, he may not use it. So, you need to be creative if you want to hide your cat’s litter box in a functional and attractive way. The Hidden Litter Planter Box from Good Pet Stuff Company works just like a regular litter box, but with a twist. The box is housed within a large capacity pot (great for large cats and multi-cat households) that comes complete with an attractive, high-quality plant, decorative moss, and dust filter. The plastic construction ensures years of utility, and is easy to assemble and clean.