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Buying a Cat – Tips on How to Buy the Best Cat for You

Buying a cat could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. A cat will change your life. It is also a 15 to 20 year commitment if you are lucky.

But buying a cat also means doing research such as by talking to other cat owners, breeders or animal shelter professionals, veterinarians, and volunteers. Cats are available from many different sources, so how can you be sure that you’re buying a cat from a reputable source? How will you know if it’s healthy? How can you be sure you’re buying a cat that’s right for you, your family, and your living situation? We will give you some great tips!

Some Questions to Consider When Buying a Cat

Are you buying a cat for companionship–or to entertain the kids? Will your cat be going outdoors? Or permitted to go indoors and outdoors? Is anyone in the household allergic to cats? Will he or she be spayed or neutered? Are you buying a cat from a breeder, or pet store, or will you rescue an unwanted animal from a shelter?

Other Questions to Consider Include:

These and other questions must be answered when buying a cat or adopting a cat. Think with your head, not your heart, and make sure, when buying a cat, that you can provide a safe, caring home for it.

Buying a Cat Purebred or Mixed?

Among the many considerations in buying a cat, is breed. The most common cats in the US are the “domestic longhaired” and domestic shorthaired” cats. These are the common “mutts’ of the cat world. They are loveable and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

There are also dozens of cat breeds. We will tell you a little about the top 10 breeds. For more information on the individual breeds, search the breed name in our search box.

The most popular cat breed in America today, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, is the Persian. They’re known for their long, flowing fur, their wide-eyed, open faces, and their gentle and loving dispositions.

Coming in second place is America’s own Maine Coon cat. These striking kitties are one of the largest domestic breeds: males weight can range between 12 to 18 pounds and the females weigh in a tad-bit lighter at around 12 pounds. Like the Persian the Maine Coon cat is both loving and gentle.

At number three we have the sleek and beautiful and vocal Siamese. Up next in forth place is the “exotic” Exotic cat. The Exotic cat looks like a Persian but has shorter fur making this kitty easier to care for.

In fifth place the Abyssinian, which some people believed protected the Pharaoh of Egypt. Holding up the fort in sixth place is the cat of many; many color combinations…the Oriental….which looks and behaves like a Siamese.

In seventh place we have a cat with amazing blue eyes, a long silky coat and white sox’s on each paw. At number eight the American shorthair, this loving and loyal cat comes in an area of colors and color combinations. Most have a unique marking on their forehead right between their eyes: a letter M. The “folded ears” Scottish Fold cat, which looks like either a cute owl or teddy bear, comes in at number nine.

And, the tenth most popular cat in America is the Burmese. This feline with her soft fur and solid frame require little up-keep.

But breed is not necessarily the best determinant of beauty when you are buying a cat. A kind, gentle, affectionate cat can be any breed, or any mixture of breeds. Chances are, when you’re buying a cat, you’ll know which cat is for you the first time you hold it in your arms. Beauty, in this case, is in the eye of the ‘holder.’

Buying a Cat… Think Kids, Kitties and Care

When buying a cat for a household with kids, make sure you know the animal’s temperament. It’s not hard to tell if an adult cat is people friendly. You can pet it, hold it, and see how it reacts.

Most kittens are playful, but if you find one, who isn’t, proceed with caution. When buying a cat, make sure you know who will be the animal’s primary caregiver. If you have kids, assume the caregiver, provider, litter-box cleaner, will be you. Kids are excellent at providing love, but day-to-day upkeep? Be prepared.

Buying a cat also means driving to the vet, and to the store for high-quality cat food. That’s probably going to be your job.

Your Ideal Choice When Buying a Cat

Your ideal choice when buying a cat, is one whose gender, breed and temperament fit your lifestyle, and makes the best fit into your household. It’s a cat who has been (or will soon be) spayed or neutered, and is socialized to people and other pets.
Make sure it is healthy, free of fleas and has any required shots prior to your acquiring the cat.
Buying a cat is an act of love, and one that carries great responsibility. Before buying a cat, make sure you can be as good a friend to it, as it will be to you.