Caring for your pet during Life’s Emergencies

Some years are better than others. We have all experienced months or even years that caught us off guard and seemed to bring never-ending difficulties. Fortunately, times like these don't last forever and frequently good times are just around the bend. However, when things get difficult, will your pet have to suffer?

Just like a marriage, adopting a pet means a lifelong commitment regardless of what life throws your way. It is simply impossible to guess what might happen to us in ten years. You might win the lottery or write a best-selling book. Then your pets can live the high life! You might also encounter an earthquake, house fire or have to quit your job to care for an ailing relative. Personally, I hope you win the lottery! All the same, are you prepared for life's little setbacks?

It's a good idea to have a plan for where you pet will go in the event of an emergency. We've all realized that evacuating for a hurricane and leaving your pets behind can be disastrous. So do you have a place lined up that will take in your family and all your furry companions? Do you have enough carriers to transport everyone to safety? If there is a house fire or an earthquake and your home is not habitable, do you have someone lined up that could give your cats a safe haven? These are important things to think about. Having a plan can make all of the difference.

Something else that can help a great deal is pet insurance. Even if the disaster in your life isn't a natural one it may still affect your finances. Will you be able to give your pets the very best care even when money gets tight? I just got a great letter from Jennifer Peters in Loveland Colorado about why she has pet insurance for exactly this reason. Jennifer has been going through a couple of financially difficult years but says, "I feel so much better knowing this if something were to happen to Abby or she were to get sick we would be able to honor the commitment that we made to her when we adopted her. She certainly has held up her end of the bargain! The payment can be hard to come up with sometimes, but I would rather come up with her premium and know that we can take care of her if she gets cancer or something! It warms my heart when I see the payment post to my account every month."

Are you prepared to care for your pets through the good times and the bad? Maybe pet insurance can help you plan ahead!

Until next time…

Petplace Staff