Homemade Cat Toy: Bonnie’s Easy CATNIP SPACESHIP

Homemade Cat Toy: Bonnie’s Easy CATNIP SPACESHIP

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Cats love to play! So…why not make them a special toy? The Catnip Spaceship is my favorite (and the favorite of my cats!). They are easy and fun to make. Below are the instructions. Enjoy!

The Cat’s Meow – Make a CAT NIP SPACESHIP

What you need:


  • Colorful felt – two pieces at least 4 inches in size
  • Pinking shears (not necessary but nice to have)
  • Some cotton batting
  • Needle and thread (or sewing machine)


  • Cut 2 round circles from some colorful felt measuring approximately 4 inches in diameter. I used different colors for each side and a large lid as my pattern for the round circle. You can buy colorful felt squares at your favorite craft store.
  • Trim the edges with pinking shears.
  • Cut 2 round 3 inch pieces of cotton batting for the inside lining. This helps to hold the catnip in.
  • Fill with catnip. Place some dried catnip inside, the more the better, as this will make the center higher.
  • Sew. Then the easy way to finish is to sew with a zigzag stitch approximately 1/2 inch inside the edges with your sewing machine several times. Alternatively you can hand stitch around the edges.
  • Decorate. You can also decorate with a smiley face, or however you want. I made several of these toys and everyone says its their cat’s favorite toy. This is a nice safe toy for your cat and a very easy one to make.You can also make them square or any shape but the cats bat the round shape around and it flies like a little spaceship! This is a nice safe toy for your cat and a very easy one to make. Good Luck!

    Do you have a suggestion or pattern for a favorite cat toy? Share it with us!


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