Cat Flea Control – Vet’s Advice On Cat Flea Control

What is the best cat flea control?

The best cat flea control is a program including a topical flea product and environmental flea control. The problem is not just the fleas that are living on your cat but also the fleas that are in your house. As a rule of thumb, they say for every live flea you see on your cat, 200 additional flea forms are in your carpet or in your house. Cat flea control is a problem because you are not dealing with just the adult live fleas you see on your pet. Fleas go through a few life stages – fleas lay eggs, which turn into larvae, pupae, and then become adults. The eggs, larvae and pupae live in your house, NOT on your cat. Most cat flea control products will treat fleas ON your cat but not in your house. Therefore the best cat flea control method is to deal with both problems. That is why many products are used as a “preventative” to keep you from having problems. The ideal cat flea control solution is to start early in the flea season before your pet has fleas by giving a product that kills fleas that jump on your cat (therefore they can’t reproduce). To learn more about cat flea control, click here.

Dr. Debra