Cat ID Collars – Vet’s Advice On Cat ID Collars

Dr. Debra,

Should I Use cat ID collars? Do you believe in collars for cats?

Any cat that is allowed to go outside should have a cat ID collar.

You can use collars with your phone number on it or a collar that includes a small tag with your name, address and phone number. But every cat should have a cat ID collar!

They can be purchased at most pet stores, online, and even kiosks at Wal-Mart and other stores where you do it yourself and get the tag there.

Even if your cat is an indoor only cat, a cat ID collar can save its life. On occasion, your cat may get out from someone leaving the door open or a tragedy such as a house fire. The best way for you and your cat to be reunited is if he or she has a cat ID collar or ID tag on its collar.

Best of luck,

Dr. Debra