Fresh Step Cat Litter – Vet’s Advice On Fresh Step Cat Litter

Do You Recommend Fresh Step Cat Litter?

Fresh Step cat litter is considered a premium brand of cat litter that had odor eliminating carbon granules. It comes in both a clay and crystal styles. It is a very good litter and does reduce urine smell.

There are different types of Fresh Step cat litter. One form is clay non-scoopable and the others are scoopable. Fresh Step litter types include Fresh Step® Clay and Fresh Step® Scoopable, Fresh Step® Plus Dual Action Crystals® and Fresh Step® Crystals.

The Fresh Step clay formula is nonclumping and to use it you simply scoop out feces and empty the entire litter box once weekly. This is great for cats that don’t like scoopable litters.

The Fresh Step® Scoopable litter offers the same advantages of the Fresh Step Clay but is scoopable. You scoop out both urine piles and feces without changing the entire box. The formula is 99.9% dust free which is ideal for cats with asthma.

The formulas with crystals (Fresh Step® Plus Dual Action Crystals® and Fresh Step® Crystals) are crystal forms that minimize odor and absorbs liquids. It is a different texture than the clay or granular litter. You don’t need to scoop it but stir it around. You need to scoop feces but not urine. The litter is stirred around in the box and the urine moisture is absorbed into the litter.

Remember, if you try Fresh Step cat litter, try it in one box while keeping your old litter in another box. Make sure your cat is using the new litter before entirely switching over. Some cats don’t like certain smells and textures of litter. Make sure your cat likes the variety of Fresh Step® that you chose.

Dr. Debra