Hide A Cat Litter Box – Vet’s Advice On How To Hide A Cat Litter Box

Hide A Cat Litter Box – Vet’s Advice On How To Hide A Cat Litter Box

How do you hide a cat litter box?

A common question comes up on how do you hide a cat litter box? This is especially an important question in small homes or apartments where space is a premium. While it is understandable why you want to hide the litter box you have to make sure that wherever you hid a cat litter box is still an appealing place for your cat to “go”.


  • You can hide a cat litter box by using cat litter box furniture. This is furniture that disguises the litter box by pretending it is something else. Products include fake end tables and planters. However, these products may not be appealing to your cat thus forcing him or her to urinate outside of the litter box. So whatever you decide, make sure the furniture is appealing to your cat. Don’t take out the old litter box until you are sure your cat is happily using the new one.
  • Another method you can use to hide your litter box is to use a kitty door that gives your kitty access to an area often closed. You can place the litter box in the basement for example and give your kitty access through a kitty door. Again, make sure your kitty likes the kitty door and the box location before changing over.
  • You can disguise your litter box by surrounding it with plants or a decorative room divider.
  • The bath room is often a nice place as it is quiet, private and easy access for your kitty. It is also an area that you go to so you can check and scoop frequently.
  • Another alternative is to make your own hidden cat spot. For example, if you have some extra space in an unused cabinet in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. This allows you the same convenience of expensive litter box cabinets. You can either leave the door ajar or install a small kitty door.


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