Hide Cat Litter Box – Vet’s Advice On Hiding a Cat Litter Box

How do I hide cat litterbox?

Many cat owners want to hide cat litterbox. You have to admit – they are unsightly and sometimes if you don’t have a lot of room, space is at a premium!

Hiding a cat litter box can be a good idea to keep the family dog from getting into the litter and to keep the litter box out of sight.

But just because it is out of sight doesn’t mean you can forget about it. The litter box should be cleaned daily and there should be one more litter box in the house than the number of cats.

Make sure the litter box is in an area that is easily accessible to the cat and isn’t in a high stress area, such as in the laundry room. Noisy washing machines and dryers can be scary for some cats, preventing them from using the litter box and possibly even resulting in behavior problems and avoiding the litter box.

The main problems with the pieces of furniture that hide cat litter boxes is that many cats can’t see what is going on when they go in them (making it scary) and they have poor ventilation (making them smelly).

This combination can lead to litter box aversion. Many cats will deal well with furniture or products that allow you to hide a cat litter box, but not all cats will.
Before you pull out your old box, make sure your cat is embracing the new box in its new location.

Here are 6 common areas where some cat lovers hide their litter box. Go to: Six Places to Hide Your Litter Box. This article has some great tips on how to hide your cats litterbox!