Bringing Home A New Kitten | Part 1

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You want to put up any loose cords or wires on the ground as your kitten may find these to be appealing chew toys. The first night you bring your new kitten home we recommend that you keep them in one enclosed room. This way you won’t overwhelm your new cat with sights and smells, but he’ll still get a good feel of his new home.

Move any valuable or breakable items away from the edges of furniture. Cats are notorious for knocking things off shelves, so your collection of glass figurines should probably be hidden away until your cat understands its boundaries a little more. If you’re considering having an indoor and outdoor cat, you’ll need to cat proof the outside of your house as well. There are a lot of items and substances that your kitty could get into in your yard. Gestation of foreign objects or substances is one of the top cause of illness for cats. You can learn more about the dangers of the outdoors from the experts at PetPlace!


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