Litter Locker – A Vet’s Advice on Getting a Litter Locker

Litter Locker – A Vet’s Advice on Getting a Litter Locker

Don’t you wish you could just seal up soiled litter and urine odors? If so, you should consider getting a litter locker for your cat’s dirty litter. It really works to put dirty litter in its place!

For many cat lovers, the litter box is a daily chore. Skip just one day and the smell of urine can greet you at the door. Do you scoop out the box frequently but still have that lingering odor from the mess on the floor and all around your litter box?

A litter locker can really help. These devices are similar to a Diaper Genie for cats in that they seal up odor-causing waste and eliminate foil smells. They provide a convenient solution to the problem of stubborn cat odors. Keep it next to your litter box where it will seal away soiled litter odor until you empty it.

There are currently several litter lockers on the market and more on the way. Some litter locker systems such as the Litter Champ utilizes a continuous bagging system and a safety door-mounted cutter – just cut the full bag away, tie off the roll and you’re done with cleaning.
Litter locker disposal systems generally require no assembly or batteries required and most come with a roll of biodegradable bags.

I hope this gives you more information on litter locker systems for your cat.