Cat Flea and Tick Meds – How to Choose the Best Flea & Tick Meds for Your Cat

The best way to choose the correct cat flea and tick prevention products is to get the advice of your veterinarian. Your pet’s risk of disease based on your cats lifestyle and region in which you live and your cats’ overall health will influence your veterinarian’s product selection.

The very best and safest products on the market are prescription products that are only available from your veterinarian or by prescription from your veterinarian. Below we will discuss some features to consider in the different cat flea and tick medication products as well as some ideal features.

Features to Consider in Cat Flea and Tick Meds

Desirable Features of Cat Flea and Tick Meds

The ideal in Cat Flea and Tick Meds are easy to give or apply, safe, effective, and available at a reasonable cost. The in Cat Flea and Tick Meds product should be the proper size/dosage for your cat and made specifically for cats. It should cover the problem you are trying to prevent.

You may choose a Cat Flea and Tick Medication product that does more than one thing e.g. one that prevents both fleas and heartworms. You may also want to consider what type of product is easiest to give e.g. is a pill or topical easier for your cat? Indicate your preference to your veterinarian and they will help you select the best, safest, and most effective product in the presentation style you prefer. It should also come with a guarantee providing the product is given based on veterinarian or manufacturer recommendations. Monthly dosing is the common frequency of most cat flea prevention products. NEVER use dog flea and tick medication products on your cat!

Ideal Choice in Cat Flea and Tick Meds

Choose a cat flea and tick meds product specifically recommended for your cat. Make sure the product is the correct size for the weight of your cat. Some of the top cat flea and tick medication products on the market include:

Cat Flea Control

Cat Flea and Ticks Control

Controls Fleas, Ticks, Heartworms and Intestinal Parasites

Safety Tips in Cat Flea and Tick Meds

Always read label instructions before administering to your pet

Review age and weight of your pet before application or dosage

Give all medications as directed, for example if your veterinarian recommends year round treatment, follow their instructions.

Products labeled for other animal types should not be given to another pet (NEVER give your cat products labeled for your dog).

If you elect to purchase an over-the-counter pet store product, check with your veterinarian to determine safety. There have been reported toxicities of flea products on cats, especially products with permethrin or pyrethrin as the active ingredient.

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I hope this gives you more information on choosing flea and tick medications for your cat.