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Cat Names and Where to Begin: The 5 Ps to Simplifying the Process

A quick glance at Google will tell you there are hundreds of sites offering assistance in choosing cat names, let alone the name themselves. Many owners do not put much thought into naming their newest addition to the family, but for those of you that take the naming process seriously, you have come to the right place. How do you even begin to choose what you will name your four-legged companion?

Let’s walk through five quick and easy steps to discovering your favorite feline’s new name: Preparation, Particulars, Personality, Popularity, and Participation.


There are a few things that you as a new owner should know when preparing to buy your new companion, starting with names that sound like commands. This is a common mistake that many owners make and they often result in a cat that feels unloved. Naming a smaller cat “Gnome” may seem like quite the cute introduction, but when you start saying “No” one moment and “Gnome” the next, the feline may get hurt and confused by the constant perceived abuse.

Second, you should consider cat names that will be easily heard and responded to. It should be unique and not too complicated; most pets understand two-syllable names the best. “John” may seem like quite the pompous title for your cat, but don’t expect it to begin distinguishing it from your other speech right away. Similarly, “Constantinius” (though unique) is not the easiest name for a cat to pick up and retain.

Remembering these helpful tips will go a long way once you begin the process of naming your new companion. For the complete list of preparatory pointers, check out Naming Your Cat

2. Pick Cat Names with the PARTICULARS in Mind

This step is considered often by the average owner, though many see this as the only step in choosing cat names and, if not coupled with the rest, it can end disastrously. The ‘particulars’ often include what most people would call the ‘facts’ about the cat. Even before they pick out the new family member, most owners often have a few of these ‘facts’ in mind. They are: gender, hair color, and hair type.

This step is fairly self-explanatory, but it does help narrow the list of possible choice down exponentially. If you’ve already decided on the gender of your fine feline, check out our lists of names for male cats and names for female cats, meanings included. Already know the hair color of your cat? Check out our lists of names for orange cats, names for brown cats, names for black cats, names for white cats , names for black-and-white cats , names for gray cats , names for calico cats , names for tabby cats , and names for spotted cats. The type of hair is often also important, including names for hairless cats and names for fluffy cats.

3. Pick Cat Names with PERSONALITY

Another commonly-included step, personality is often ranked highly in choosing cat names. This step will take awhile to complete simply because you have to observe your new kitty’s personality before you can classify it. Once you have figured out your cat’s tendencies, this is often a great way to name your pet.

This is a great step to accurately describe your new companion. “Bitsy” or “Halfpint” places an automatic image of a smaller cat in your mind–one that wouldn’t fit a “Big Bertha” or “Gordito”. Personality can play a crucial role in defining your new pet’s name, so take this step seriously!

You might have a cat that needs playful names or possibly names for ornery cats. How about some smart cat names or names for dumb cats . Is your feline an independent cat or is it more inclined for loving cat names or sweet cat names as a cherished member of your family? Cute cats’ names , small cats’ names , big cats’ names , funny cats’ names, talkative cats’ names, we have lists to help for all of them! Observe your new pet and let us help you narrow down the list!

This step can be broken down into one simple question: Do you want your cat names to be common or not? If you are one who enjoys the often over-used, but under-expressed popular names for your kitties, check out our list of popular pet names or the group of traditional pet names. Imagine the shock on people’s faces when they meet a real-life “Garfield”!

Or, perhaps you are one who wants names that are obscure and rather unpopular. Choose your cat’s unique yet unforgettable label with the help of our Unusual Pet Names page. Here, you can see whether or not your feline has what it takes to be an “8-Ball”!

5. Solo Act or Group PARTICIPATION?

This final step can result in some of the most endearing cat names around. It can be taken in a number of directions, including the origin of your kitty. How did you meet your feline? Was it a stray? If so, check out our page on stray cat names Or, perhaps, you see your cat as a calm, cool, and collected participant in everyday life. Awesome Names seems like the page for you. “Cairo” or “Cheddar” give the feline quite a reputation to live up to!

Just remember these 5 P’s to Naming Your Cat and the process will seem remarkably easy!