Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

We have an article on Petplace that lists cute stray cat name suggestions.


We asked for users to give us additional name suggestions and we received some wonderful stories that we’d like to share with you. Here are a few of our favorites:

I have a stray named “Maybe”, she was very ill when found and I didn’t need another cat., so I did not give her a name. I kept saying she probably isn’t going to make it and if she does she is not staying. Pretty soon it was, “well maybe she is going to make it”, then “well maybe if she does make it” “maybe if she gets along with the other cats” . It has been over a year and Maybe is the baby of
the house!

Donna White

All of our cats found us and were named accordingly –

– Mimi, short for Screaming Mimi was bellowing at the back door
– Killer, the tiniest, frailest orange baby you’ve ever seen, was given a
name to live up to
– Elwood was singing the blues when he was found, wailing and alone and
– Seymour, an orange Manx, was tail-less so we could “see more”


I “adopted” (or should I say was adopted by) a stray, black, older tom about 8 months ago. He lives outside (wouldn’t get along with our two inside tom cats), but I give him food, play, and love daily, and usually find him waiting on our front steps each morning. He went through several names, i.e., Blackie, Lucky, and CPT Midnight, but ended up being “Jackpot,” a name given him by our neighbor, who observed “That cat sure hit the JACKPOT when he came to your house!!”

I love the names for stray cats. We had one, a beautiful little calico, named Quincy because we found her in the parking lot at Quincy’s restaurant. I still have Spooky…….he was left behind when his owner moved, it was Halloween and he was very spookie, still is in fact. Then there was Omega….we named him that because we were determined that he was going to be “the last cat” we took in. Yeah, right. Loki got his name after being fished out of a dumpster while playing chicken with the garbage truck. (Loki is the Trickster in both Norse and Indian lore).
Jan Puckett

A suggested cat name: Je t’aime. This is actually French for “I love you”. We fell in love with our stray cat, and he fell in love with us. The name is so befitting.

I have had several cats: MeatLoaf and Sting were brothers. Then I had MoJo and JuJu…then Treasure and Trinkette whom were sisters…Teensy and Tiny whom were twin I have Karma, Fate, Chance, Destiny andMagick…all black feral kittens with both golden eyes and green eyes that I’ve taken in because I couldn’t decide on which pair to take! My brothers have a pure black cat and a pure white one…Ying and Yang! My sister has a sibling set that are identical… Abra and Cadabra and my cousin names hers after herbs and flowers: Olivia (olive) Anissa (anise) BellaDonna, Rose and Daisy for the girls, and Mandrake, Tonka, and Valarian (Vale for short) for the boys! We are all cat lovers, can’t you tell? LoL

My all black cat is named Spooky for a couple of reasons. First, he showed up on my patio, right at our open screen door, while we were watching an episode of the “X-Files.” The male lead’s nickname was “Spooky Mulder.” Plus, we had the lights out and all you could see of the cat was his glowing green eyes, and I screamed a little when I saw him. I thought our own cat, who is black and white, had gotten out, but I admit I was quite startled by those eyes! And since he’s all black, like a Halloween cat, we thought the name fit.

He seemed to come to the name right away. He was so severely malnourished, his gorgeous hair was blowing away in the breeze, which of course broke my heart. We fed him but let him stay outside through that summer, but as fall, and Halloween approached, we decided to take him in. I don’t know if it’s truth or urban legend, but I didn’t want to take any chances at him being abused during Halloween season because he was an all-black cat.

He needed some love and care, and shots and neutering of course, but he’s been with us nearly 10 years now! We figure he was turned out of his last home, probably because an elderly owner had died and the family didn’t want him. Their loss, because he’s a big furry ball of love. We guess he’s at least part Persian, because of his many-layered, longish coat and large body size (about 18 pounds and not fat at all).

I’m really glad he showed up at our door and I am happy to share his story whenever I can!

Janet Vandenabeele

I wanted to share tale of my oldest cat. I volunteer with a no-kill animal rescue organization. A mother cat had given birth in a planting ‘space’ in the rockery of my carport, and left them in the full sun, 90 degrees out. One kitten was screaming for it’s mom. They were in danger of falling between the pallets of my woodpile, one had already fallen into the grasscatcher of the lawnmower – so I moved them. Cleaned them up, gave ’em some kitten formula and put them back in a clean nest with a hot water bottle near the spot.

Next morning at 3:15 am, I checked on them – one was gone, the other was out of the nest. I took it to a volunteer on my way to work. He didn’t make it.

3 1/2 weeks later – I return home, again to kitten screams. I cussed under my breath and if I found the kitten, I wasn’t returning it – as the kitten wasn’t safe. 3 hours I cut through blackberry vines to reach it. it was moving about – mewing, I talked to him the whole time – and then I couldn’t find him. I backed out and waited – flashlight in hand. Felt something cold on my foot and thought ‘great – I stepped on a slug/snail.’ Looked down and a tiny white face looked up at me from my foot. I said ‘thank God’ and he climbed my jeans. I scooped him up – put him in a crate, removed dead leaves from my hair and clothing and dashed to get more baby cat supplies. It was a full moon, lunar eclipse that night, and he was white kitten, one blue eye, one yellow eye.

I named him ‘Moon Unit’. His nickname is ‘MoonKat’. Under the circumstances, it felt appropriate.

Purrs and headbonks

Karen Hoover

my ex feral stray kittens are :

Silly—for his silly antics
Goofy— for the goofy things he gets into
HOho…..mostly black with a white ring around the neck
Mama cat…. the mama of the other three