Doc, Do you Recommend the Litter Kwitter for Cats?

Is Toilet Training with Litter Kwitter Good for Cats?

I occasionally get questions about toilet training cats with devices like the Litter Kwitter. Readers what to know: does it really work? Can you toilet train your cat? Do you recommend it? Today I want to answer those questions for you.

What is the Litter Kwitter?

The Litter Kwitter is a product designed to help cat lovers train their pets to use a human toilet. It was developed with the help of animal care experts such as veterinarians and behaviorists. First, the cat is trained to eliminate inside a small litter pan placed on top of the toilet bowl. The pan is replaced with one containing a small hole in the middle. Gradually the pans are swapped for ones with larger holes until finally the Litter Kwitter can be removed entirely. Although it is not necessary for toilet training your cat, many owners find it makes the process much easier.

Does the Litter Kwitter Work?

In my experience, yes-you can toilet train your cat in this method. You may need to take the process very slowly and your cat may make a few mistakes, but this is an effective training tool for many cats.

Should You Toilet Train Your Cat?

This is really the biggest question. Sure, you can train a cat to use the toilet, but is it a good idea at all?

The best answer I can give is that it's great for some cats and a waste of time for others.
There are advantages and disadvantages to toilet training your cat. Here are a few considerations I'd recommend that you consider before making a decision on toileting your cat with the Litter Kwitter or a similar system.

Things to Consider Before Toilet Training Your Cat

With that in mind, it is not only possible but desirable to toilet train some cats. I've met cats who seem to enjoy having somewhere clean to "go" all the time. It saves the owners a ton of money and they never have to scoop litter again. For the right cat this can be a really great choice.

My recommendation is to offer both a toilet and litter box to your cat during training. Ideally you would have one bathroom designated for the cat where the toilet lid is removed and the door contains a "cat flap" or other entry way for them. This is not always possible, however.
For more information on toilet training your cat, go here.

I hope this helps you decide whether toilet training your cat and the Litter Kwitter are right for you.