Easter-inspired Cat Names

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Are you getting a new kitten around the Easter season or just love Easter and looking for a special Easter Themed Cat name? Whether your kitten was born on Easter, adopted or found around the holiday, one fun way to show your love for Easter is giving your cat an Easter Themed cat name.

This year we're offering up popular and unique Easter inspired cat names that are great for your cat or any other pets. These names will make you think spring, the Easter Bunny and the true spirit of the season.

If you can't find the perfect Easter inspired cat name on the list below, check out our Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Cat. You can name your kitty by the season, other holidays, his hair color or even his personality.

List of Easter-inspired Cat Names

  • Adna
  • Agnes
  • Anastasia (Italian: for one who will be reborn)
  • Andrew
  • Angel
  • Assisi
  • Basket
  • Bethany
  • Blossom
  • Bunny
  • Cruz (means Cross in Spanish)
  • Daisy
  • Easter
  • Egg
  • Elijah (Hebrew, means “lord is my God”
  • Faith
  • Flower
  • Glory
  • Grace
  • Haven
  • Heaven
  • Honor
  • Isabelle
  • James
  • Jesus
  • Joanna
  • John
  • Johnny
  • Joseph
  • Joy
  • Lily
  • Lourdes
  • Lulu (means rabbit)
  • Magdalene
  • Mahlah
  • Mary
  • Matthias
  • Miriam
  • Noah
  • Pascual
  • Pasquale
  • Peter
  • Salome
  • Simon
  • Sistine
  • Sistine
  • Springer
  • Tazia (Italian: short for Anasthasia one who will be reborn)
  • Thomas
  • Tulip
  • Uma

More Cat Name Ideas

Looking for a cat name but don't need the Easter focus? Here are some more ideas:

  • Spring - colors, festivities, months

Name Your Cat Based on Personality Traits

Here are some cute name ideas based on different cat personality traits.

  • Independent cats
  • Playful cats
  • Funny cats
  • Cute or beautiful cats
  • Loving cats
  • Sweet cats
  • Big cats or cats with big personalities
  • Small cats
  • Smart cats
  • Not so smart cats
  • Ornery cats
  • Talkative cats
  • Stray or rescued cat
  • Unusual Names for Cats

    How about some unusual names! Check these out.

    Cool Cat Names

    Here are some ideas for cool pet names.

    Ideas for Names by a Cat's Hair Color

  • Orange or red haircoated
  • Brown haircoats
  • Black haircoats
  • Black and white haircoats
  • White haircoat
  • Yellow haircoat
  • Gold Haircoats
  • Grey haircoat
  • Calico haircoat
  • Tabby haircoats
  • Fluffy haircoats
  • Spotted haircoats
  • Bald haircoats
  • Common Cat Name Meanings

    Have a cat name picked out already and wonder what it means? Do you want to know what the most common cat names mean? Learn about the "meaning" behind common Male cat names and Female cat names.

    Naming your cat isn't easy, so we hope this helps. Have other ideas for good cat names? Leave them in the comments section below.




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