Feeding Your Senior Cat

Feeding Your Senior Cat

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As cats age, their health and stamina slowly decline. Their bodies lose the ability to repair themselves, maintain normal body functions and adapt to the stresses and changes in the environment. In addition, metabolism slows down and older cats require fewer calories.

Providing the proper diet is very important in the care of an aging cat. However, there is no best food to feed a geriatric cat; the best food depends on the specific problems or nutritional requirements of the individual animal. Most foods for older cats are lower in protein, sodium and phosphorus to help their aging hearts and kidneys. Increased amounts of certain vitamins have also been found to be beneficial in the senior cat.

Obesity is a very common problem of older animals and should be taken seriously. It directly correlates to a decreased longevity, and may contribute to other problems. For the best health care, provide your older cat a good quality food that is appropriate for his specific needs, and do not allow your cat to gain excessive weight. Try not to give table scraps, and stick with a consistent diet.

Cats that are arthritic have a far more difficult time moving and may require strong anti-inflammatory drugs to ease their discomfort. Weight loss in these animals may have a great impact on improving their quality of life. Your veterinarian can prescribe or recommend special lower calorie, high fiber diets that make weight loss easier.

Additionally, through the geriatric work-up, special nutritional requirements or restrictions may be recommended. These diets attempt to either slow the development of the disease process, or improve specific organ function. Special diets for many diseases (even in the early stages), including kidney, liver, gastrointestinal, heart, dental and skin disease, are available. Diets for diabetes and cancer may also be recommended.

Proper nutritional management is a very important part of the care for your geriatric cat, especially since it is something that you have control over.

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