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Feline Rescue Groups

Shelters and animal control offices are filled to capacity. Pet overpopulation is a big problem in the United States. In response, some dedicated cat lovers have opened their hearts and homes to helping cats looking for homes.

Rescue groups are not the same as shelters. Typically, a network of like minded people have decided to offer their home and love as a foster home for an unwanted cat. These people will accept specific cats, get to know them and care for them. People interested in adopting the cat will be interviewed and the foster family tries to make a perfect match.

The hope is that by allowing the cat to live in a foster home, the chances of adoption and becoming a loved member of some family are greatly increased in comparison to selecting a cat in a cage at a shelter.

Purebred cats and your regular domestic cat are all welcome. In some parts of the country, there may even be purebred cat rescue groups, which only accept certain breeds of cats. Unfortunately, not all cats can be accepted. Cats with serious illness or major behavior problems have a poor chance of being adopted. The rescue groups have limited resources and limited foster homes so they have to be careful in their selection process.

By adopting a cat from a rescue organization, you have a better understanding of your cat’s temperament and a better idea if you and the cat will be a match. The foster family has gotten to know the cat and can tell you about any quirks or endearing qualities. Most often, these cats are adults, already out of their kitten phase. You can learn more about how kittens are fostered by reading the story “Wanted: Loving Foster Parents”.

So, in addition to shelters, consider looking into adopting a cat from a rescue organization. You just might find your perfect best friend.