Feline Stars

Feline Stars: Cat Names Based on the Most Famous TV Cat Stars!

How about a movie star cat name for your cat? Have a little movie star cat playing around your home? Perhaps they look like another famous cat. Maybe they perform for you and you’re looking for a name that fits their stage character. Take a look at some famous cat names to see what fits our famous feline.

If you don’t see the perfect name for your cat – check out the Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Kitty. You can choose a name for your new cat based on hair color, personality trait and even your hobbies.

List of Movie Star Cat Names

We’ve compiled a list of famous cats from movies and television and presented it in alphabetical order

More TV & Movie Love Cat Name Ideas

Have favorite movie? Want to name your pet after someone famous? We’ve got a few ideas:

Name Your Kitty Based on Their Personality Traits

Check out this neat list of cat names based on various personality traits. Have a playful cat? Funny cat?

Unusual Cat Names

How about some unusual names! Check these out.

Ideas for Names by a Cat’s Hair Color

Common Cat Name Meanings

Have a cat name picked out already and wonder what it means? Do you want to know what the most common cat names mean? Learn about the “meaning” behind common Male cat names and Female cat names.

We hope this article helps you find a Famous TV themed cat name for your special cat!