Finicky Feline Tip

Here is a tip from one of our users:

We have had to come up with several strategies to get "It's It", our 14-16 yo chocolate with white markings, to eat. We have nicknamed her "Princess Pea Bain" (Princess Pea Brain with the r's dropped) to honor her intelligence quota — the princess and the pea story comes to mind.

She decided to no longer eat her prescription kibble (for kidney function). So we began to feed more wet food and to treat her for borderline hypothyroidism. The pills just made her sick even at 1/3 dosage, so we quit that. To get her to eat and keep her weight up — she only weighs about seven pounds — has been sometimes stressful for both her and this, but us is what we do.

1. We feed about every two hours
2. small amounts – approx 2 teaspoonfuls
3. heat with small amount of water to bring up flavor
4. rotate flavors so she doesn't tire of one taste fish feast, mixed grill, chicken and then start again
5. give her Pounce treats, in chicken, tuna and salmon flavors to fill in between meals or over night
6. give her lots of love and encouragement, try not to stress if she stops to eat one of our offerings
7. brush her every day to eliminate hairballs

We have settled into a reasonable routine and when she's happy we are happy.

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

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