Flea Control Tips for Cats

Flea Control Tips for Cats

Here are some tips for battling fleas on your cat.

  • It is best to prevent fleas than to treat active infestations.
  • Repeat treatments are necessary to kill new fleas that jump on your pet and to kill the different stages of the flea as they develop in your home and yard.
  • For monthly products, keep a reminder system. Try giving medications the same day of every month. Place the reminder in your calendar or on your refrigerator.
  • If your cat is bathed frequently, consider "waterproof" products such as Frontline Plus® or Revolution®, or "water-resistant" products such as K-9Advantix® or Advantage®.
  • If your cat gets wet or is bathed and the product is not waterproof, you may need to reapply to obtain full protection.
  • Even for water-proof products, it is often recommended not to bathe your dog for three days before or three days after applying medications. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.
  • If you live in a warm climate, most veterinarians recommend year-round flea prevention.
  • Some flea control products are combined with heartworm prevention medications, tick control medications, and other gastrointestinal parasite control. Talk to your vet about which product might be best for your pet.
  • If you have an active infestation, using products that kills adult fleas and interrupt develop of new fleas is ideal. Some products do both or you can use two different products, but you should never use more than one product without consulting your veterinarian as toxicity could result.

    For more information, please read Dog and Cat Fleas: Pour-on Products to Kill Fleas.

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