Get Fit with Your Cat: Take the PetPlace Fitness Challenge

Your physician has said it time and time again; you’ve even heard it from your veterinarian. Now PetPlace is even chiming in, “Exercise and fitness are crucial to health and longevity.”

It is estimated that over 40% of cats (and dogs) in the United States are overweight. And the percentage of people caring some extra pounds is not uncommon. In fact 60% or more of the American human population may also be overweight.

It’s no mystery that finding the motivation to exercise can be a major challenge, but having a partner with similar goals makes fitness much easier to achieve. So why not get in shape with your cat?

We at PetPlace are extending a challenge to you and your feline companions to make a commitment to health and fitness. If you and / or your pet are out of shape, spend some quality, enjoyable time with your cat being aware of your fitness plan.

1.First – be aware if your cat is overweight? How can you tell? Read this article – Is my cat too fat to help you determine if your cat is overweight.

2.Second – create a plan. Just like for us – cats can loose weight two ways. Either decrease their intake (amount or calorie intake) or increase their activity. So create a plan. It is important NOT to put your cat on too strict of a diet. So…you may want to start with a simple slight decrease in the amount of food you are feeding. Even a 10% reduction to start can make a difference. When you are considering what your cat is eating – if you need to also get in shape – consider what you are eating and drop the calories you are consuming as well.

3.Third – play. Schedule a little playtime with your cat. Increase your cats activity level will allow him or her to burn more calories. Play with your cat every day. Make sure you have some great toys for cat. Here are some of our Favorite Cat Toys. As you consider your cats exercise level – consider your own. Can you go for an extra walk today? Or slip in to a local aerobics class? Or do a little Yoga? Maximize your health with a little play time or exercise time for you!

So…take the challenge. Get fit with your cat and consider it a gift to your health and your cat’s health.

Recognizing Fitness Success in Your Cat

As your cat becomes more active and looses weight – you may begin to notice positive changes in his behavior. Your couch potato cat may have more energy as he gains fitness. You may notice your obese cat developing a waist and becoming healthier. Most importantly, you and your healthier cat will have more years to spend together.

Share Your Stories

If you and your cat are taking the PetPlace challenge and making fitness a commitment, we would love to hear your stories and see your pictures! Please email them to us! Tell us about your journey toward better health: your goals, your achievements, your hard work, and the fun times you share with your cat!