Help! Name This Kitty

This is the cat I told you about in our newsletter. This kitty was found recently by a dumpster in a restaurant parking lot looking for scraps of food. We are guessing that he is about 1-year-old but he looks like it has been a hard year. He has broken teeth and was full of fleas. He was famished! We have been housing at a vet hospital.

When I first saw him he looked scared and hungry. But when I got out of my car, he came right to me. I had some leftovers from dinner with me so I offered them to him. He ate like a little pig – so sweet yet so sad. Have you ever seen a hungry cat? I don’t mean to sound sappy but it can bring a tear to your eye. This cat was so manic about finding every bit of scrap that I tossed to him – it was both heartwarming to help but also sad that he has to live like this. To be honest, I drove away and thought…there are tons of strays out there. This is just another one. I left. But I kept thinking about that cat later that night. The next day…after work I thought I’d stop by at about the same time thinking if I saw him again that it would be a sign that I should help him. So…I stopped and there he was. it was all most as though he was waiting for me. Once again, he was starving. I went and bought some food and fed him in the parking lot. I looked at him more closely – there was no tags, no collar, skinny and he was full of fleas. No obvious owner.

So….I scooped him up, he purred like crazy and off we went to my office. It was late – so I gave him to one of the vets on duty. They scanned him for a microchip and he didn’t have any. We treated him for fleas, gave him food and a bed for the night. What was a couple weeks ago. No kidding, I think this cat has gained 3 pounds since we found him a few weeks ago. He is SOOO happy.

Click on the slide show above to see his pictures!

But he still doesn’t have a name. My staff is calling him by several different names. He is super sweet and very affectionate. I’ll show you a few photos. Can you help us name him?

Help this kitty begin a wonderful life with a great name. Let us know the name that you think fits this cute little mug!