Hotel Etiquette for Cats

Hotel Etiquette for Cats

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Planning to take your cat along on vacation? Remember that how you and your pet behave will determine whether or not you are invited back. Your behavior may also have an effect on other travelers. Keeping a hotel pet-friendly relies on proper etiquette when away from home. Many previous pet-loving hotels have closed their doors to our animal companions due to the misbehavior of others.

Etiquette Tips for Vacation

  • It goes without saying that all vacationing pets must be well-trained. If your cat meows or howls when left alone or loves to scratch all the furniture, do everyone a favor and reconsider taking her on vacation.
  • Never arrive with an unannounced pet – even if you think your visit worked out fine at this same hotel last year. Things may have changed in a year and the hotel may no longer accept pets.
  • Make sure your pet has reliable identification. Tags are not enough. Tattoos or microchips are more secure. Carry veterinary records and a recent color photo of your pet – just in case.
  • Pack a kitty bag. Bring along your pet’s favorite toys and blanket. Include grooming tools and a dependable lint remover to limit nervous shedding. If you’re not sure that your pet’s regular food is available at your destination, bring it with you.
  • Always keep your cat in a carrier or on a leash when you leave the hotel room. Free roaming pets can create much havoc and may result in a need to find alternative hotel arrangements.
  • Keep your cat in a carrier and only release her in the hotel room where you’ll be staying. Be very careful when leaving the hotel room. It doesn’t matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat; in mere seconds, your precious but frazzled baby can dash out the door and disappear. Bring along a litter box and, just as you do at home, establish one spot to keep it throughout your stay.
  • Bring your own food and water dishes and don’t let food sit out uneaten. This attracts insects, which can cause problems for the hotel owners after you are gone.
  • Keep the litter box clean.
  • Howling and meowing are unacceptable. Before you travel, make sure your cat can be quiet and a good neighbor if left alone for any period of time. Keep your cat’s nails trimmed and bring a scratching post to avoid permanent damage to hotel furniture.
  • Pets that have a tendency to bite would be better left at home, unless it is a vacation that does not include hotel stays.
  • Remember, if you leave your cat in the hotel room while you visit the city, the maid will need to have access to the room. Either confine your pet to a carrier or make special arrangements to clean the room.
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