How Do You Pick an Automatic Litter Box?

Which automatic litter box is best for your cat? Are they good for cats at all? Automatic litter boxes can be convenient and hygienic but they can also be expensive and upsetting for some cats. Learn a vet's opinion on which automatic litter box to buy.

First, let's look at the basics. All automatic litter boxes work in a similar fashion by detecting your cat's motion. Once your cat has used the litter box, a small rake or sifting tool combs through the litter and removes waste and clumps. The soiled litter is swept into a container (usually a disposable bag) where it can easily be removed and disposed of.

The benefits of an automatic litter box include the fact that they eliminate the need for scooping or directly touching waste and dirty litter. They also keep boxes much cleaner on average, which encourages healthy bathroom behaviors in many cats. These are great for finicky cats who refuse to use a dirty litter box.

The drawbacks, however, are that automatic litter boxes tend to be expensive. The machines themselves often have a weighty price tag and the disposal units can add additional expense if they use costly bins or bags.

Some cats are also repelled by the motion and noise of an automated box. It is very important for cats to feel safe and secure while eliminating. Any commotion or noise can put them on their guard, and it is not unusual for some owners to find that their cat's behavior becomes worse after introducing an automatic litter box.

How do you choose an automatic litter box? This vet's advice is to look for one that is quiet, sturdy, and does not require expensive refills. They should be heavy duty plastic or rubber which can be cleaned easily and should not tip over or shake when your cat crawls inside them.

Another helpful tip is to look for a model that has a money-back guarantee in case your cat does not like it or refuses to use it. Make sure that this warranty covers items which have been used, so you don't find yourself paying for a costly litter box that your cat hates after one try.
I hope this has helped you choose the right automatic litter box for your cat.