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How to Give a Cat a Bath

Bathing is an important part of the grooming process for some cats, but many are able to keep themselves quite clean and may never require bathing. For some, bathing keeps the coat clean, reduces parasite infections and can even make life easier on those who are allergic to cats.

For cats whose lives will include frequent baths, start bathing them when they are kittens, or as early in their lives as possible. This will help accustom your cat to the process and reduce fear and anxiety that frequently accompanies an older cat’s first bath.

There are many methods recommended for bathing a cat. Some people bathe their cats with just warm water and a safe pet shampoo. Others recommend additional products to make the bath more effective. Here’s how to give your cat the ultimate bath:

Items You May Need

To start, here’s a list of items you may want to use, all of which are readily available or can be obtained through a groomer’s supply catalog or your veterinarian’s office:

And Now For the Bath

Voila! That fuzzy, greasy kitty is now a well-groomed lovely feline.