How to Make Sifting Cat Litter Box Liners

Cleaning the litter box is not a fun task. To make it easier – some people use litter box (also known as litter pan liners) liners. Are litter box liners right for you? Learn more. Go to: Cat Litter Box Liners – Are they Right for You?

Sifting litterbox liners has holes in it and allows you to "sift" the litter. This type of litterbox liners keeps the clumps in the bag and allowing the clean litter to flow back in to the box.

Generally the sifting liners come in a package of 20 to 30. You can buy litter box liners or you can make your own.

Here are some simple instructions to make your own sifting litter box liners.

What you need to make your own sifting litter box liners:

Instructions for making your own sifting litterbox liners

1. Buy a box of cat litter box liners or get several sheets of plastic that are larger than your cat's litter box.

2. If you cut your own, measure the plastic so it will line your box and cover and go over the sides.

3. Cut several (a few to start) size holes in the center of each sheet, except the one on the very bottom. The holes should be big enough to allow the clean litter to sift through but small enough to retain urine and feces trapped in the litter. The ideal size of the hole is about the size of a pea or a little bigger.

4. Stack the sheets together on top of each other.

5. Place the group of plastic sheets in the bottom of a clean litter box. If your sheets do not have elastic edges, hold the sheets in place with a large rubber band around the edge of the litter box. Clips can be small narrow ones like the clips you use to hold chip bags closed.

6. You place the litter on top of the liners. Fill the litter box with a normal amount of your favorite litter. Don't change the litter. Never change more than one thing about your cat's box.

7. You can carefully scoop on top the liner but whenever the waste builds up, remove the top plastic sheet and the clean litter will sift through to the next clean layer. When the box is dirty, remove the top liner only and allow the clean litter to sift through the bag onto the clean liners. Do this daily.

Ideally, if litter box liners are new to your home, keep one litter box as it was with no changes and add liners to a different box. You don't EVER want to give your cat any reason to ever quit using the box. Liners can be great but make sure your cat likes them before you make a definitive change.

I hope these give you more information about litter box liners and help you make your sifting litter box liners.