If Your Cat Goes Out Tip

If your cat is an indoor-outdoor cat – here are some tips to keep him healthy. Make sure you have a routine as much as possible.

Monitor when he goes in and out. Many cats go out at night and come back in the morning. Observe his routine and monitor when he comes and goes. If you haven't seen him when you normally do, ask if anyone has in your family has seen him and look for him in his favorite places.

Routinely offer him fresh food and make sure he eats. Keep his water bowl full and change his water daily. By monitoring his appetite, this will help you to assess his health. If you keep a bowl of dry full all the time, you may not notice if he is not eating. Lack of appetite is an important sign of illness in cats.

Always keep the litter box scooped and clean in case he is trapped in the house.

Lastly, make sure you have a good quality photo of him in case he is lost or doesn't come home. The photo will help you make a flyer to post in your neighborhood or at the local shelters.