Is Tidy Cat Litter Good for Cats?

Litter is a very important part of cat care. Owners ask me if Tidy Cat litter is good for cats. I want to give you a vet's opinion of cat litter in general, and whether Tidy Cat is a good choice or can hurt your cat.

The best cat litter is the one that your cat likes and is willing to use. Most types of commercial cat litter are clay-based formulas. Some are designed to clump when they get wet. Other types of litter include those made of paper, wood, corn, wheat, silica crystals, and other materials.

Tidy Cat is a brand of clay-based litter that comes in several different varieties. It is typically very affordable and can be purchased in large containers for multicat homes. Many of Tidy Cat's formulas are clumping and some include additional silica crystals for greater absorption. Certain types are formulated for multiple cats, instant odor control, or small spaces. Tidy Cat is readily available in many grocery and pet supply stores.

Is Tidy Cat Litter good for your cat? In a vet's opinion, it is okay but not great. It is very affordable, easy to find, and most cats will use it. However, like any clay litter is does contain dust that can irritate sensitive eye, throat, and nose tissues. Some types contain perfumes or scents that can bother cats and discourage them from using the litter box. In addition, personal experience has shown that quality varies greatly among the different varieties. The basic varieties clump well and control odor within reason, but types designed for small spaces or instant odor control do not clump as well and can actually smell worse.

In short, Tidy Cat litter is not a bad litter but may not suit your cat's needs. It is acceptable for use with most cats but a lower-dust and perfume-free formula may be better.
I hope this article has helped you learn whether Tidy Cat litter is good for your cat.