Is Your Indoor Cat Bored? 12 Ways to Prevent Boredom


9. Schedule Playtime. Schedule time twice a day to play with your cat. Allow him or her to chase the ball, laser pointer or feathery flyer. Take at least 10 minutes out of your day to play with your cat. You can even do this while you are watching T.V. in the evening. Get out the laser pointer, feather flyer or just toss a ball across the floor to simulate your cat.

10. Plenty of Love Time. Some cats really want a little of your time and attention. Encourage your cats to curl up with you when you are resting.

11. Grow Some Cat Grass. Some cats love the ability to chew on a little cat grass – just like they would if they were outdoors. It is easy to grow. For simple instructions – Go to How to Grow Cat Grass.

12. A Spot of Sun. Cats love the sun. Look around your home and see what window allows the sun to shine in and consider placing a cat bed in that location. If you have the blinds or curtains closed – consider opening them to allow your cat the ability to bask for a while in the sun.

Bored cats can sleep more or have behavioral problems. Make sure your cat is happy and enriched.


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