Keep the Holidays Safe for Your Pet

Today we’re covering all things holiday safety for both cats and dogs! From travel to plants, read on for a quick 101 style guide on how to keep your pet safe and happy this fall and winter holiday season. Do you have any safety tips for the holidays? Share them with us down below!

Dangerous Holiday Indoor Plants

Decorating your home with flowers or holiday plants is a favorite holiday pastime of many. But sometimes these beautiful plants can turn into a nightmare for pet owners. Many common household holiday plants are actually toxic or dangerous to pets. Below we’ve listed out some common fall and winter holiday plants and the symptoms on ingestion that your pet may exhibit. If you suspect that your pet has eaten an unsafe plant visit your vet right away.

Cost of Common Veterinary Interventions

Say your pet gets into a little holiday mischief, how much exactly is that going to cost? We’ve done our best to estimate the cost of some common procedures and vet care, but it should be noted that each vet will be different in their pricing. Also, if you have pet insurance, most of these costs will be covered in your policy. Additionally, if your visit a vet after hours for an emergency the costs will usually be higher than normal. And lastly, if you have a large pet then more supplies will be needed to care for that pet making for a larger bill.

Food Dangers

The Human Society of the United States lists the below food as dangerous to pets. If your pet has ingested any of these foods and is showing symptoms of distress visit your vet immediately.

Holiday Safety Travel Tips

Here are some quick and simple tips to keep your pet safe while you travel for the holidays.

Kenneling/Boarding your pet: Dogs and Cats

How to Find a Good Pet Sitter: Dogs and Cats

Driving with Your Pet: Dogs and Cats

Flying With Your Pet: Dogs and Cats

Hotel Etiquette For Pets: Dogs and Cats

Introducing pets to family members

Tips for family members:

Tips for you: