Litter Boxes for Large Cats Tip

Here is a tip from one of our users:


Here is a tip about large litter boxes for large cats that I'd like to share.
Those of us with large cats often find it hard to locate a litter box that will comfortably fit our cats. Many "big" litter boxes on the market are only deep, not wide.What I have found to work best for my large cat is a plastic sweater box. They are wide, yet shallow enough for the cat to get into (but not knock much litter out of). These not only work well, but are much cheaper than conventional litter boxes. I pay approximately $4 for one.
Another benefit: the large, flat plastic lids they come with are great for your kids to use as play mats for paint and playdough — and my cats like to sleep on them!

Tiffany Cox — Des Moines, Iowa

Tiffany is right- the plastic sweater boxes can work great as litter boxes for large cats.
Another box we like for large cats are the large plastic storage containers. The sides are higher which is great for cats that like to urinate on the sides of the box.
We like to cut a door (a rounded divot) in one side for easier access. These are inexpensive and great boxes.

Cats also appreciate that that these boxes are clear. Cats can feel vulnerable to predators when they are eliminating and like to be able to see around them when they are urinating.

I hope these tips help you pick or make a litter box for your large cat.