Male Cat Names: What are the Meanings of Common Male Cat Names?

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There are lists of common male cat names, but…what do they mean? Are certain names associated with certain characteristics and traits?

After interviewing several veterinarians about this hypothesis, it was determined that there are certain characteristics generally associated with some names.

Top 30 Male Cat Names

1. MAX – Cats named Max are generally happy cats. They like to be petted and groomed and are considered fun-loving. They are very trustworthy companions. Some cats named Max can be fiercely independent and work to keep their aggression under control. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: A Salmon Basin or large spring.

2. OLIVER – Cats named Oliver, sometimes called Ollie for short, are wonderful cats. They can be ornery and eager to get into things. Many Oliver’s are keen chewers and need to be given frequent opportunities to play and appropriate chew toys. Origin: French. The meaning is: Elf Army; or symbol of Peace.

3. CHARLIE – Charlie is a great cat name and is used on just about every breed, shape and size. Most “Charlie’s” are warm-hearted loyal cats with friendly personalities. They generally like to play and enjoy either fetching or chewing. Origin: German. The meaning is: Man; strong and masculine.

4. JACK – Cats named “Jack” are often fairly carefree. They are often mixed breed cats, however, they can also be purebred. They generally love life and can truly be man’s best friend. Cats named Jack are often described as “quiet”. Origin: English. The meaning is: God is Forgiving or God’s gracious gift.

5. LUCKY – Lucky is a common cat name and used for many pets that have suffered an unfortunate experience followed by being rescued. These cats are generally happy and well meaning. They are loving and loyal and realize their good fortune in the new home that they found with you. Origin: English. The meaning is: Happiness and having good luck.

6. SHADOW – Shadow is a common and wonderful cat name. It is often given to cats that are black. Many cats named Shadow are shy and slow to approach strangers. They are loving and loyal to their owners. They hate going to the vet and are not trusting. Some describe cats named Shadow as “uptight”. Origin: English. The meaning is: Dark image cast by an object blocking the sun’s rays.

7. SMOKEY – Cats named Smokey are often grey in color and absolutely wonderful cats. They are generally gentile and sweet. They love looking out the window and watching birds, squirrels and other animals. Origin: English. The meaning is: Smokey, as the result of being on fire. Smokey is also associated with a grey hazy color.

8. BUDDY – The majority of cats named Buddy are mixed breed cats owned or named by men. They are often rescued or strays brought into homes and hearts across the world. They are generally loyal and adore their owners. Origin: American English. The meaning is: Messenger Man.
9. ROCKY – Most cats named Rocky have big personalities. They are often playful and strong. They can be either big or small cats but have a strong personalities and may be dominant. Origin: English. The meaning is: A Rocky Reef.

10. JASPER – Cats named Jasper are often sly. Wonderful and athletic and many times spotted haircoats. Origin: Greek. Meaning: The name means “spotted or speckled stone” and is derived from Greek iaspis.
11. LEO – Cats named Leo are often regal looking and beautiful cats. Many Leos have a lot of hair and a “mane” or a lot of fluffy hair around the neck that gives him a Lion like look. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: Lion.

12. TIGGER – Tigger is a very fun cat name! Many Tiggers are considered “ornery” and sweet cats. They love life and are often very people oriented. Many Tiggers will act more like dogs than cats some times. Origin: English. The meaning is: Cute cat.

13. TIGER – Tiger is a common cat name and often fits most any size and shape of cat. Most Tigers are orange or has some sort of pattern to their hair coat – stripes. Origin: English. The meaning is: Tiger, as in the large cat.

14. SIMBA – Cats named Simba are regal and beautiful cats. They have a stately presence and look distinguished. Many Simbas seem to always be posing for a photo opportunity. They are loving cats with sweet dispositions. They generally love to sleep! Origin: Swahili. The meaning is: Lion.

15. SAM or SAMMY – Sam is a carefree name given to cats with a good outlook on life. They seem to know what is important and that have a special place in your heart. They are loyal and kind. Cats named Sammy are often sensitive cats. They look as you as though they can read your soul. They are loyal and kind and have a fun side to their personalities. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Heard by God.


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