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Most Unusual Cat Names Revealed

Max, Callie, Morris… move over.

Americans are now picking their cats’ names with thought and creativity. Some cat owners are spending a lot of time picking out their cat’s name.

The thought and creativity owners put in to naming their pets is fascinating. I love hearing stories about how pets are named.

      Marilyn Meowroe
      Kali Koo Koo
      Sabrina Von Squishy
      Miss Fiona Penelope Gassler ‘Duchess Of Hanover’
      Castor and Pollux – the Gemini twins
      Little Princess of Moewville
      King Kitty Tut Tut
      Little Beanie in a Poke-a-dot Bikini
      Little Sammy Bamm Bamm
      Big Chicken
      Velcro (that cat would not leave the lap!)
      Snarflle (how this kitty eats!)
      Cats named Waffle and Whammy
      Monkimus Spunkimus