Most Unusual Cat Names Revealed

Most Unusual Cat Names Revealed

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Max, Callie, Morris… move over.

Americans are now picking their cats’ names with thought and creativity. Some cat owners are spending a lot of time picking out their cat’s name.

The thought and creativity owners put in to naming their pets is fascinating. I love hearing stories about how pets are named.

  •         CleoCATra
  •         Marilyn Meowroe
  •         Kali Koo Koo
  •         Sabrina Von Squishy
  •         Miss Fiona Penelope Gassler ‘Duchess Of Hanover’
  •         Castor and Pollux – the Gemini twins
  •         Little Princess of Moewville
  •         King Kitty Tut Tut
  •         Little Beanie in a Poke-a-dot Bikini
  •         Little Sammy Bamm Bamm
  •         Big Chicken
  •         Velcro (that cat would not leave the lap!)
  •         Snarflle (how this kitty eats!)
  •         Cats named Waffle and Whammy
  •         Monkimus Spunkimus

    When choosing a cat name, one has to consider how it sounds when being announced in the vet’s office or calling your cat in at night. For example, the receptionist saying, “Come on back. We are ready for Goofball now.” or you yelling out the back door, “Babycakes, come Babycakes!” may be embarrassing.

    We hope you enjoyed this list of unusual cat names.





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