Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: From Cat to Cat-Mom

Happy Mother's Day! At PetPlace, we feel this holiday should be celebrated by mothers of human and pet children! Pet-Moms are just as special as the more traditional mothers, and they deserve to join in on the holiday celebration. So, if you know a mother of a kitty, help her special fur-baby pick out a meaningful gift to make Mom's day!
Listed below are several ideas to get you started:

1. A paw print or impression – Make a lasting memory of the beloved cat-child's paw print. Use ink and nice paper, then frame the print. Or use a clay tablet, which could be later painted when it dries.

2. A keepsake lock of pet hair or photo in a locket necklace – This is a special gift that includes two of a woman's best friends, jewelry and her cat!

3. A professional photo of mom's pride and joy – Have a professional photograph shot and framed, or allow Mom to open a gift certificate for a photo session with her cat.

4. A new, high-power, allergen-filtering vacuum cleaner – Especially for the mom with allergies, this gift is a nice way to help her eliminate all that excess pet hair. (TIP: You may only want to consider this gift if Mom has been openly drooling over those new, high-tech vacuums, such as the Dyson. Otherwise, she may be offended at a cleaning product gift!)

5. A designer brand cat carrier – Allow Mom to travel with her sweet Kitty in style. Choose a fancy pet carrier from multiple designer brands.

6. A letter or poem written from Kitty to Mom – Melt Mom's heart with a letter or poem telling her why she's the best.

7. A book reflecting on special moments spent with a pet – There are many books in print written to remember and celebrate the human-animal bond. A Cat Named Darwin is a popular book of this variety. Make it extra special by inscribing a Mother's Day note from Kitty to Mom on the inside cover.

8. Coupon book – Kitty and another one of Kitty's human family members can work on this together. Is Mom always the one taking care of the cat duties? Make her a coupon book of free cat chores to be done by another member of the family (such as, "Good for one free cat grooming" or "Redeem for a free litter box cleaning").

9. A hand-painted or drawn portrait of Kitty – Send a photo to an artist for his or her artistic rendition of Mom's furball of joy.

10. Flowers in a cat themed vase or pot – Moms ALWAYS enjoy flowers. Just be sure the flowers you choose are non-toxic to pets.

11. A charm bracelet – Add charms to the bracelet from each member of the family, including the cat.

12. A donation to a pet charity made in Kitty's and Mom's name – Maybe you adopted your cat from the local shelter; make a donation to that shelter as a thank you and present it to Mom in her name. Or make a donation in her name to her favorite pet charity.

13. A beautiful lap blanket – Does the cat spend a lot of time lying in Mom's lap? Give her a lovely, soft blanket to place on her lap to provide the cat with a soft bed and keep some cat hair off Mom's pants! It will do wonders for their cat-Mom bonding time.

14. A keepsake box – Give Mom a decorative keepsake box for collecting Kitty memories, such as whiskers or hair clippings, tags from her collar, photos, etc. Some boxes could even be engraved with a message such as "Happy Mother's Day! Love, Kitty"