names for fat cats

Names for Your Fat Cat

Looking for a name for your adorable, but overweight cat?

Owning a fat cat is quite humorous in itself, but adding a fitting name to your not-so-fit feline, is the icing on the cake.

Naming a fat cat is an art all in itself. A name can be fitting for the look of the cat – a white cat with black spots could easily be named after a cow. A cat who eats more than they should could be named after foods. Perhaps the cat is the size of a truck so-to-say, there are many references for their name. Fat cats are an internet sensation, and one with a coordinating name is sure to find the spotlight – whether just in your heart, with family and friends or, perchance, online.

List of Names for Your Overweight Cat

Compiled is an alphabetical list of fat cat names: