Names for Your Fat Cat

Names for Your Fat Cat

names for fat catsnames for fat cats
names for fat catsnames for fat cats

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Looking for a name for your adorable, but overweight cat?

Owning a fat cat is quite humorous in itself, but adding a fitting name to your not-so-fit feline, is the icing on the cake.

Naming a fat cat is an art all in itself. A name can be fitting for the look of the cat – a white cat with black spots could easily be named after a cow. A cat who eats more than they should could be named after foods. Perhaps the cat is the size of a truck so-to-say, there are many references for their name. Fat cats are an internet sensation, and one with a coordinating name is sure to find the spotlight – whether just in your heart, with family and friends or, perchance, online.

List of Names for Your Overweight Cat

Compiled, is an alphabetical list of names derived from meaning, inference, and famous fat cats.

  • Angus
  • Axel
  • Barn or Barney – For a cat as big as a barn door
  • Beans
  • Bear
  • Beasty
  • Beefy
  • Bertha
  • Beulah
  • Biggy
  • Blimpy
  • Bounty
  • Brawny
  • Bruiser
  • Bubba
  • Buford
  • Bull
  • Burly
  • Burrito – Nobody wants a small burrito.
  • Butterball
  • Butterworth
  • Chunky
  • Colossal – Colly? Lossy? Sal?
  • Crisco
  • Curvy
  • Diesel
  • Dozer
  • Fat Louie – From The Princess Diaries
  • Flabby
  • Garfield
  • Grizzly
  • Hammy
  • Hearty
  • Hefty
  • Hereford
  • Husky
  • Immy – Short for immense
  • Jiggles – Mr. Jiggles?
  • Lane – For Lane Bryant
  • Lipoma
  • Mac
  • Max – to the max!
  • Meaty
  • Mighty
  • Mondo
  • Monster
  • Norm – eNORMous
  • Paddy – For being well-padded
  • Piggy
  • Piglet
  • Podgy
  • Pudge
  • Rex
  • Rocky
  • Roly – Poly Oly
  • Roomy
  • Spare – For having a tire to spare
  • Stocky
  • Stuffy
  • Tank
  • Thunder
  • Tower
  • Tubbs or Tubby
  • Tummy
  • Tyson
  • Wallop
  • Wheezer
  • Wheezy
  • Whopper
  • Zarathustra – The fat cat from



More Info

Doesn’t matter how or what you would like to name your cat, we have the perfect name for you. Are you looking for a cat name to go with personality traits such as independent cats, playful cats, funny cats, cute or beautiful cats, loving cats, sweet cats, big cats or cats with big personalities, small cats, smart cats, not so smart cats, ornery cats, or talkative cats? Or how about a stray or rescued cat?

Or are you looking for a name your cat based on his hair coat color or type such as he is white, brown, orange or red, grey, black, black and white, tabby, calico or a fluffy cat? Check out the links associated with any of those words and your get our list!

We hope this list helps you name your Big Cat. Do you have a suggestion for a name? Share it below!

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