Pawdicures: The Latest Thing In Kitty Pampering


Options For Cat Manicures

How much do cat manicures cost? According to Thumbtack, you’ll pay about $10 to $15 for a basic nail trim. You can also paint kitty’s nails yourself. Make sure that you use a product designed for pets as traditional nail polish is toxic to animals.

Many pet owners choose to cover their felines’ nails with soft caps. These are flexible plastic coverings that are glued onto the cat’s nails after they’re trimmed. They come in different colors and styles so that you can match them to your own manicure. You can also get them in a transparent finish if you don’t want to bling out your pet’s paws. The soft caps stay on for about six weeks. They can prevent your furniture from getting damaged when your cat scratches, and they don’t interfere with the animal’s ability to retract its claws.

Nail caps can also prevent cats from scratching humans. This can help prevent the transmission of disease. Preventing scratches is especially important for seniors, people with diabetes, or other individuals whose wounds don’t heal rapidly. In case you’re wondering, nail caps are also available for dogs.

Does Your Cat Hate Being Groomed?

If your cat really detests being bathed or groomed, there are several ways to spoil your cat with targeted products. The makers of these products know that cats can be finicky. That’s why they offer items like wipes with calming ingredients to clean a cat that hates water. Many cats love being rubbed inside their ears or between their toes. If this describes your kitty, you might start doing this type of foot massage to get her used to having her paws handled. Eventually, she might love a pawdicure.

How To Spoil Your Cat

You know how your cat prefers to be spoiled. Maybe she loves curling up on the window seat or being brushed every evening. Perhaps she gets a kick out of exploring empty cardboard boxes. She may enjoy chasing after golf balls. If manicures aren’t your cat’s thing, keep them quick and professional, and then treat her with lots of love and affection when you’re done.



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