Pet Insurance: The Cat’s Meow

Pet Insurance for Cats – Read This Common Story

Some of us are so prepared. You know the sort of person I’m talking about, right? They are the ones that have a few extra boxes of stationary or candle sets hidden in the closet in case they suddenly need a gift for a party. These are the folks that have a stack of greeting cards for every occasion and an umbrella that is always under the seat of their car. I envy these folks that are always ready for a celebration or a rainstorm. The rest of us get our head’s wet and are always shopping last minute. It’s silly to live this way though when in some cases it’s easy to be prepared. For example, do you have pet insurance?

I just read a story about a woman who isn’t prepared for anything, but decided to get pet insurance for her new kitten. Although it isn’t like her to think in advance like that, she is sure that a guardian angel was looking out for her the day she decided to get pet insurance. If she hadn’t, she may not have been able to save her beautiful Abyssinian.

Christine Anderson in Lakeland, Florida writes about how she had always wanted an Abyssinian and was so excited when her husband bought her a kitten for her birthday. It had been years since there had been a cat in the house and with the children off at college, she was sure her little kitten, “Cleo” was going to fill a void in her home.

Christine couldn’t imagine anything happening to her beautiful healthy cat, but a friend suggested she get pet insurance. Christine didn’t think she would need it, but when she discovered how inexpensive it was, figured it wouldn’t hurt to get her cat insured. Boy, was she glad she did.

When the Cleo was six months old some delivery men came to move a new refrigerator into Christine’s kitchen. When they were removing the old refrigerator, they dropped it just outside the door, startling Cleo who shot outside. Unfortunately, since she was an indoor cat, she had no idea where she was and spooked, just kept running. She didn’t understand traffic either and was hit by a car.

Christine got a phone call from the vet’s office where Cleo was taken by the heart-broken person who had hit her. They had identified the wayward kitty by her microchip. Cleo had multiple injuries, some very severe. Her chances didn’t look good, but Christine wanted the vet to do everything they possibly could.

Christine says that Cleo recovered almost entirely. She still has a slight limp, but will lead a full and happy life. Thank goodness for the pet insurance. She could concentrate on helping her cat get well rather than worrying over the vet bills. Christine says she hopes everyone will consider insuring their pets, because you just never know what might happen!

Christine’s story is typical of ones I see and hear about pet insurance. If you are getting a new kitten or have a cat – you really never know what can happen. Consider the benefits of pet insurance for your cat – especially if it would be difficult to pay for big vet bills.

Is Pet Insurance Right for you?

The best pet insurance offers coverage that’s broad enough for whatever care your pet needs and with enough options to get the perfect coverage for you and your pet.