Pet Insurance to Honor a Lost Friend

Many people do not even know that pet insurance is available!

Many people do not even know that pet insurance is available. It is a newer possibility in pet care. We are all familiar with health insurance, car insurance and home owners insurance, so it should sound like a great idea. Maybe you know about pet insurance already, but you just aren't sure that it will make a difference. Maybe you think that it will be too expensive and may never pay off. If think pet insurance isn't right for your pets, you should read the letters that I receive every day.

Recently I received a letter for a woman who lost a beloved cat too soon and wishes that she had made the decision to get pet insurance. Eliana Agnone in East Brunswick, New Jersey writes about her wonderful cat Mickey. He was the love of her life and only 10 years-old. She had adopted him when he was just over four years-old from a local animal shelter. She knew right away that he was going to be a fantastic feline. He had tuxedo markings with a black dot on his nose and a white spot on his tail. He also had a bacterial infection in one of his ears that required daily trips to the vet because he wouldn't let Eliana touch his ears. He fully recovered and his vet felt he was very healthy overall for a shelter cat. Eliana imagined years of love.

When Mickey reached 10 years-old, Eliana began to think that she may want to be more diligent about taking Mickey to the vet. She took her three cats in for shots and if they looked ill. However, the vet bills were frequently more than her family could afford. Still, when Mickey began to refuse to eat, Eliana took Mickey in right away. He felt light when Eliana picked him up and she was worried.

Tests showed that Mickey was dehydrated and anemic. He had an enlarged spleen, but there was no obvious disease. The veterinarian suggested a blood transfusion, but couldn't offer any guarantees that this would change his condition. In fact, Mickey could die from the procedure. Eliana had already spent $500 on tests and and knew she couldn't go any further.

Eliana brought Mickey home and looked for holistic treatments. She tried Prednisone, which was suggested by the vet and tried to make sure that Mickey ate and drank. Still, he was getting worse. Eliana wondered if spending more money would save him, if the vet might be able to discover the source of his illness. However, after 10 days of noticeable illness, Mickey passed away.

Eliana is still heart sick over the loss of her cat. She decided that the least she could do would be to get pet insurance for all her remaining animals. She thought that maybe having pet insurance might have made a difference for Mickey. She wishes she knew for certain that she had done all that could have been done for him. She will never have to worry over this with her other pets again. She hopes that all pet owners will consider it. I hope that you will as well.

Please take a minute to consider this story. Do you have pet insurance? It is a great idea for anyone who can't afford an unexpected expense and wants the best for their cat.