Should You Use Litter box or Litter Pan Liners?

Should You Use Litter box or Litter Pan Liners?

Should you use litter pan (also known as litter box) liners? Using litter box liners can be convenient, but they also have drawbacks that make them less than perfect for some owners.

What is a litter box liner? They are essentially durable plastic bags that line the inside of the litter box. There are two kinds of liners:

**Should you use litter box liners?**The answer depends on your cat.

Some cats hate the sound or feel of liners. Others will dig so far into their litter that they hit the liner and tear it with their claws, rendering it useless. Other cats won't use lined litter boxes at all. And, of course, liners are an additional monthly cost.

If you want to try liners, use them on only one litter box at first and keep another litter box liner-free. Although they are convenient, don't put litter box liners on every litter box until you are sure they won't bother your cat.

I hope this gives you more information on litter box liners.