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Siamese Cat Name Ideas – Naming Your Siamese Cat

Adopted or found a Siamese cat and looking for a suitable name?
Siamese have always been a highly regarded and gorgeous cat since they were brought from what is now Thailand, to England, to the United States where they were bred and new fur coats and eye colors were created but the elongated and delicate body structure stayed.

Siamese cats are known for the way they speak with both their body and their unique voices. They are popular among celebrities. And, they have been recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association since 1934.

To help you brainstorm a name for your new feline, we’ve created a list to help.

Siamese Cat Names

A list of alphabetical names created from origin, breed, physical appearance, temperament, social patterns and famous Siamese cats.

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Doesn’t matter how or what you would like to name your cat, we have the perfect name for you. Are you looking for a cat name to go with personality traits such as independent cats, playful cats, funny cats, cute or beautiful cats, loving cats, sweet cats, big cats or cats with big personalities, small cats, smart cats, not so smart cats, ornery cats, or talkative cats? Or how about a stray or rescued cat?

Or are you looking for a name your cat based on his hair coat color or type such as he is white, brown, orange or red, grey, black, black and white, tabby, calico or a fluffy cat.

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Have a name idea for a Siamese Cat? Share it below!