Ten Must Have Holiday Gifts for Your Cat

The presents are being wrapped, the tinsel is hung, and holiday spirit is in the air. As you prepare for this joyful time of year, don't forget your beloved, feline family. Kitty wants a special package under the tree too! Below are some popular gift requests from the wish lists of kitties everywhere.

1. Furminator – The Furminator is a highly effective deshedding tool to cut back on your cat's hair loss. Comfortably help Kitty with her grooming process, and, as a result, and decrease the amount of hair lying around the house.

2. Da Bird Interactive Cat Toy – This toy mimics the look and sound of a real bird in flight, making it irresistible to cats! Realistic feathers on a braided nylon string attached to a fiberglass rod make this kitty-favorite affordable and fun. Get one for your cat today, and provide her with endless entertainment and exercise.

3. SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Cat Toy Box – Exercise your cat's body and mind with this toy. Your cat will hunt for her toys and strategically fish them out of this box with 19 kitty paw –sized holes. The Peek-A-Prize box comes with two cat toy balls.

4. Drinkwell Pet Fountain – The Drinkwell Fountain satisfies a common feline guilty pleasure – drinking from a running faucet. Cats love running water because they instinctually know circulating water is cleaner than standing water. The fountain's filter keeps this water especially clean – making your kitty especially happy! As a bonus, regular water intake promotes feline urinary health!

5. Cat Furniture Tree House Condo Scratcher – Because cats love to perch up high, scratch, jump, and hide, cats are quite fond of cat trees. Cat trees provide kitties protection, security, confidence, and exercise. Cats who are nervous around particular family members, such as dogs or children, are especially benefitted by a cat tree. Visit Amazon.com to find the appropriate cat tree design for your kitty.

6. Chia Cat Grass Planter – Add some plant life to your home that your cat is actually meant to munch on! Chia's Cat Grass Planter is easy to care for and healthy and fun for your cat to eat. The grass grows in an adorable, appropriately themed Tweety and Sylvester pot.

7. DVD For Cats: While You Are Gone – Play this DVD for your kitty while you are away from home to entertain her and decrease the stress of being alone. decrease the stress of being alone. She will enjoy a virtual stroll through the woods, complete with critters that cats love to stalk! She will also enjoy virtual playtime with strings and ribbons.

8. Marmalade Pet Sweet Lounge Cat Bed – This is more than a cat bed. It is also a scratching post and a sculptural work of art. This comfortable bed is a must-see!

9. Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox – Is your cat sick of Fido invading her litterbox privacy? Is she tired of the noisy vacuum sweeping up her kicked-about litter messes? The Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox reduces these nuisances. The top-of-the-litterbox entrance makes it very difficult for most dogs to access the box, and it eliminates aggressive litter kickers from making a mess of the floor around the box.

10. The Cats' House – Here's a book that every cat wants their owner to read. This book contains unique ideas and directions for turning your house into a cat paradise!