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The Best 10 Breeds for Millennial Cat Lovers

Millennials, Generation Y, Echo Boomers… no matter what you call them, those of us born between the early 1980s and late 2000s are well on their way to being all grown up. Also called the “Boomerang Generation,” many in their early 20s and 30s experienced lots of changes resulting from the economic slump of the century’s first decade. This educated and tech-savvy generation works hard and plays hard (and then shares it all on social media). Although they experienced slow starts or setbacks in hitting some of the traditional life milestones, some Millennials have embraced their new path and have become happy apartment-dwellers embracing alternative careers. Others have found themselves gaining a foothold in the professional world, buying their first homes, and committing to long-term relationships or even a family. All of these situations pose some unique challenges that make finding the perfect Millennial pet trickier than simply adopting the first cute kitten you see.

To find the best cat for your lifestyle, it’s important to consider not only the cat’s needs but what resources you’re able to provide. You’ll want to just the right cat to complement your attitude on life, whether you need an affectionate and “clingy” feline or an independent and confident one. We’ve selected cat breeds popular with Millennials based on energy levels, grooming requirements, and more. Remember, however, that these are general breed characteristics; every cat is unique and their personality might differ. Here are the 10 best cat breeds for Millennials:

The Low-Maintenance Roommate

Ask a cat lover what attracted them to their favorite pet and one of the top answers is always “their independence.” In contrast to the energy-intensive needs of a dog, a cat’s low-maintenance lifestyle is very appealing for many Millennials with limited pet experience or busy lifestyles (including several jobs). When it comes to cats who only need a little to love a lot, some cats Millennials love include the American Shorthair or the British Shorthair. You can’t go wrong with either of these all-time favorites; these kitties come in all colors and patterns and generally have easygoing personalities. Scottish Folds have many of the same traits in a self-contained package that tends to be capable of entertaining itself when necessary. If you don’t mind a bit of grooming time, Maine Coons are big, beautiful cats who tolerate plenty of alone time.

The Life of the Party

Ready to get social? Contrary to popular belief, some cats absolutely love being the center of attention. These kitties have very outgoing, charismatic personalities that delight and entertain owners who enjoy hosting social gatherings. For a cat who loves to show off and get friendly, check out the Siamese; their striking looks and distinctive voice belie a strong personality that craves interaction with humans. Take a walk on the wild side with Bengals, who are frequently described as being “the dog version of a cat.” This sturdy, athletic breed will always keep you on your toes as they zoom around looking for the next challenge or obstacle to tackle. The Egyptian Mau is active and friendly, with a sassy edge that appreciates lots of socialization, playtime, and environmental enrichment.

The Best Friend

Many Millennials gravitate to the kind of love and affection that an animal companion can provide. (After all, no one’s more comforting after a bad date than your cat.) Owners who seek to form a close bond with their cat gravitate towards breeds like the Russian Blue, who can be standoffish with strangers but form close and loving relationships with the humans in their lives. If you’re prepared for the sometimes pricey and time-consuming maintenance, Sphynx cats are extremely affectionate and devoted. They will frequently follow their owners from room to room and sleep under the covers with humans at night. Their unique appearance makes them a great choice for Millennials who want a cat as distinct and attention-grabbing as they are, just as long as they’re willing to put in the work to keep them entertained and healthy.Persians are a classic breed that’s well-known and loved for good reason; these sweet, gentle, and quiet cats are typically happy to share some calm bonding time with their owner any day of t
he week.